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Thursday, May 9, 2013

a Bit Of An update

This year is my last year at VEGA and by the end of the year I should be completed with my three years of studying towards my BA degree in Marketing. 

I think that many people are able to relate in terms of looking back a few years, sometimes even just one year of their lives, realising the change that they have gone through, seeing the personal growth that they have experienced and some of the challenges that they have overcome. Well, some may not even sit back and reflect on their lives and not realise what they have accomplished, not status related but rather personal accomplishments like moving on after a break up, or learning from an experience or making it through a challenge.  

Reflection is what inspires and motivates me even more in life, being able to look back and be grateful for what I have achieved and for what I have in life, allowing myself to be propelled forward knowing that I am on the rite track. 

Our lives change, our goals change, our values, wants and needs are constantly adapting as we venture our life's journey. We gain inspiration from new sources all the time and with that our perception of the world around us changes, with that said, always remain true to yourself; you know what is rite for you and what is wrong for you.

So with that I leave with you today the simple note of just being true to yourself and just know that you are on the rite path and that where you are today is where you are supposed to be. 

Enjoy life, let things flow, as long as the flow feels natural and rite for you! And know that everything will always be okay.

One of the images from my 'inside out' shoot illustrating how the challenges and experiences one goes through in life builds you up to who you are today

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