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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Muggings, High Speed Chases, Robberies, Seychelles, Pavement Bashing, Giggles & Laughs

Bad luck comes in threes? Is that right? Think I got it right... Or in this case, when it rains it farking pours! *Ty Scratches Head* 

Anyhow, so just before I left for the Seychelles last week, as in literally two nights before getting on the plane, I became the target of theft, again! Earlier this year mates and I, on a photo shoot got held up by armed robbers and stripped of our mobile phones, thank heavens no one was hurt!

Then about a month ago, after a night out of clubbing, we were followed/ stalked as we left the club by guys who had been watching my mates and I the whole night! We endured a high speed car chase that started off with 3 cars, 2 of which were after us. I managed to break my own personal speed record by exceeding 200km/h trying to get rid of who ever the peeps were who were chasing us! Thank heavens we managed to first loose the one by tricking him and taking a sneaky alternate route off the highway, but his partner in crime kept on our tails but by taking on the turns, twists, circles and corners of some back roads we eventually lost hime too. All I can say is that it was super scary, but such an adrenalin rush too! haha!

What makes this time worst though is that it all happened while I was asleep in my bedroom! It is the idea of someone as in a strange someone getting into your place and actually going into your room while you asleep and taking your things! And what PEEEES me off even more is that the security complex that I live in has 24 hour security guards, cameras, electric fencing and the whole shebang, hence why I moved here 3 months ago, for security! One would think that it would be kinda safe living in such a complex? Well these guys managed to break into 3 apartments on the same night, two of which are on the top floor! {HASHTAG: Not Feeling Safe & So Pissed Off That I Lost My Mac!}

Great! Now that I got all that bitching out the way, I can let the positive flow in! All I can do is laugh and wave at the above experiences!

The Seychelles was absolutely amazing and I loved every single SPLIT second! Met the most amazing people and honestly came back with so much more of a clear mind and a positive, motivated but yet super relaxed and chilled attitude, ready to take on any challenge, with the feeling of that there really are no challenges in life but just experiences. One of my mates made a comment and stated that it is as I am on anti depressants and that I have definitely become more relaxed! And I was only there for 5 days! The trip started off on Air Seychelles drinking champagne in business class and it only got better from there onwards :0) What made the trip more interesting was spraining my ankle and walking around using crutches for two days and then being carried along the beach and from point A to B, so no complaints! Luckily I recovered enough to get around myself, but am still battling a bit with the ankle now. They Reckon 3 weeks for it to heal?

SO THEN... haha! And you may laugh, because I did... I go and ramp my car onto a really big, but yet small ramp in a parking lot after doing some shopping. There I was changing my tyre in the South African sun, people driving by on the busy main road and all I could do really was just have a laugh about it all! The car is in the hospital for minor injuries and will be back with me tomorrow.

So after all of this, I at least have the Mr. Model International pageant to look forward to next month. I shall be jetting off to the USA for about 3 weeks to represent South Africa at the pageant, it will be my first time in the USA, so am really excited about it!

Right, I am going to seriously just ease into the rest of this evening and take it slow and relax before the craziness of the new weeks starts! Hope you all have a super fab week! Sending you all big hugs and love!

Keep safe!



  1. michael gerard condonOctober 1, 2013 at 5:11 PM

    i always enjoy reading your blog.well you don't leading a quiet, or boring life that's for sure.i do hope you have a good and memorable experience when you visit the united states.some people come away having a good impression, some bad,i hope yours will be just great fun.

  2. Wow that is a lot to deal with! I would be terrified too of a home invasion, what were the guards doing? You should write a movie of all this. Glad you had some fun at least.