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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Dark Side

Recently I had the opportunity of working with Hendrik Van Der Merwe who is also a VEGA graduate {Brother's from another mother you know ;0) } and the amazing Pieter Serton.

At first, Hendrik approached me in a very shy manner with the concept and some reference images. I think he was surprised to get a definite 'YES' from me so quickly after speaking to him, but it just so happened that for a while before he approached me I had been wanting to do something that placed me out of my comfort zone, pushed my boundaries and that was not so 'model' and 'pretty' like. I pretty much had a similar vision as to what was presented to me, hence there not being a second thought to my answer.

The location was about an hour out of Johannesburg in a massive warehouse, a very cold warehouse that is! haha! As soon as we were ready to get started with the shoot I was down to literally nothing, they did not have to ask twice, after all it was a closed set! I did keep my 'parts' covered though, did not want to offend anyone! ;) Ummm, except for the part where I had my hands tied behind my back, which I think was planned! haha! 

It was a fun day shooting, especially with fellow ICE model Huguette and with a great team.

Hope you enjoy the shots as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

Photographer: Hendrik Van Der Merwe
Stylist: Pieter Serton from www.behance.net/blank_canvas
Clothing: Gert Johan Coetzee & House Of Ole

AND This was the shot I posted to Instagram prior to shooting :0)


  1. WOW, awesome!!! Hoog tyd vir 'n full frontal, ek is al jare in suspense en afwagting. :)

  2. Always has, and always will be a fucking sexy man, inside and out :)

    Of course, it would be a lie if i said i didn't lust to see Tyrone fully nude ^^,


  3. Is that Hugette??? Great shots, love the concept!

  4. Oh crap, i need to learn to read.... sorry. You both look amazing

  5. hihow are you
    you know
    so good i like

  6. Awesome... All that I can say!

  7. Those are cool photos! Especially, the one with you on the chain! Very intriguing!! =)