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Monday, February 3, 2014

Pearly Beach Weekend Away!

When I first heard of Pearly Beach there were two images that came to mind, naturally a beach with washed up pearls and secondly, well... Let's just say my mind when a little off track... :0)

Pearly beach, located about 2 and a half hours from Cape Town, just past Hermanus is a beautiful little town or settlement with not a lot going on, especially out of season. It was however the chosen destination of choice for a little weekend getaway with a few friends with the objective of getting out of the city and to become one with nature and ourselves… Okay, not really, it really was just meant for a chilled weekend getaway out of town.

The ups: Lots of laughs, smiles and amazing energy with stories being shared over an evening flame mixed with fresh air, long walks on the beach, adopting a dog for the weekend and an outside shower.

The downs: None, except sitting in traffic on the way home for about 2 hours due to a very bad head on collision that killed everyone involved (Sorry to put a damper on the story).

Takeaways: Down-time, Me-time, Family & time with friends makes life beautiful!

Below are some pics from the weekend away featuring Nic, Ang, Rox and myself Ty :0)

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