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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ty's Get Fit Challenge

I have been challenging myself at the gym to get more fit with the help of my gym buddy, Nic. Not just 'look' fit or 'body' fit, but physically fit as well!

My friends know that I battle to climb a set of stairs without heaving and puffing and that I run out of breath really quickly when having to walk faster or run. Well, that is going to come to an end.

So far I am pretty proud of myself, as I never use to do cardio at all!

We have been starting our gym sessions with a warm up run on the treadmill... (I did not even know how to use the treadmill!) I started on a 5 minute run the first time, I nearly died! Then went up to 6 minutes then 7 minutes etc. The plan is to get to a point where I am running at a good pace for about 15 to 20 minutes.

I do my usual weight training after the warm up on the treadmill and then proceed to doing some core exercises with a twist. It makes for an interesting end to a gym session and something that I actually look forward to!

Below are two previews of the routines I love most so far. I will be sharing the full videos to my YouTube channel at the end of the week.

Ps. Please remember that I am not a personal trainer, neither is Nic, so if you do try anything it is at your own risk and I am only posting because it works for me :)

Videos were originally recorded for Instagram.




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  1. Keep it up Ty, I too struggle with my breathing due to a chronic illness, but I don't give up on pushing myself as far as i can go. So keep it up and you may be running a marathon before you know it as you are young Mr..