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Monday, March 17, 2014

I Love My City: Cape Town City Carnival 2014

This passed weekend saw the Cape Town City Carnival 2014 take place, and like literally on my ‘new’ doorstep.

As most of you know, I relocated to Cape Town from Johannesburg last year. At first I did not have a place to move into as everything happened so soon. I was supposed to move into a place located in Greenpoint in December, but because of renovations I had to hold out and wait.

Eventually I moved in at the beginning of March and am absolutely loving the Cape Town City vibe, the area, the people, restaurants and shops.

The Cape Town City Carnival just reinforced that feeling with high spirits and festivities all round. The floats rocked and the carnival had a true Mardi Gras feel to it. And even though the road closures were a bit of a pain earlier in the afternoon before it all started, I still did not mind as the joy and euphoric atmosphere made up for it.

The weekend prior to the Carnival taking place we had the Argus happen, and it was great to be able to walk down to the main event, in like literally 1 minute and join mates and watch the cyclists finish the race.

All in all, I am more than 100% happy with my decision to move into the new place and the location and am most definitely not looking back.

Below I thought I would post a few images taken from the Carnival courtesy of News24.com (My favorite is the Protea flower float).

Cape Town Rocks


(ps. First Vlog Coming Up This Week)

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