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Monday, August 11, 2014

Tyrone Nell & Nic During's first photo-shoot together!

Recently I had a shoot lined up with Cape Town based stylist Jade Campbell, photographer Lauren Fletcher and makeup artist, Bianca Comer who I had never worked with before, I was really excited about shooting with fresh talent again. After chatting to them for a while I had the idea of getting Nic involved, I thought it was a great opportunity for him to try something that he had not done before and then also for us to get some shots together.

Nic is quite content with studying to be a CA, but nonetheless, it was something fun for us to do together and for him to experience, so he jumped on board.

The location we used was the beautiful, Glen Boutique Hotel. Nic set aside most of his morning to shoot with me and then he had to head off and go and do some more studying while I carried on shooting. 

Hope you guys enjoy some of the shots below and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter :0) Also check out the pages of the amazing peeps we worked with!

Stylist: Jade Campbell
Photographer: Lauren Fletcher
Makeup: Bianca Comer

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