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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Turn Down For What Weekend | With Brad & Nic

All I keep thinking is dammit, I should have got some video of this weekend! But there seriously was no time for that. But I did get plenty pics, so sharing a few here!

My mate, Brad Jay who is a local television presenter, model, gym instructor, clothing brand owner and awesome friend booked his flight to come stay with us a few weeks ago and flew down to Cape Town this weekend! It was literally a Cape Town takeover! The three boys taking over Cape Town that is!

From doing all the 'outdoorsie' things like hiking, beaching, gymming on the Seapoint promenade and taking long walks to hitting the clubs such as Coco's, Caprice, Jade, Orphanage, The Grand and more we had loads of Instagram pics to take! The highlight of the weekend was having my mate down and making so many good memories!

I have to admit though, Lionshead was quite a challenge for me, but I made it down alive with Brad and Nic pushing me!

The weekend was filled with laughs and moments that you just want to hold onto forever! Which I will be doing :0) Looking forward to reuniting with my mate in December!

Check out the pics below :0)

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