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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sunday Sunset Cruises | Cape Town

The best thing about summers in Cape Town is watching the sunset over the ocean. Last summer I spent most of my later afternoons/ early evenings on Clifton beach after work doing just that, which made me appreciate living in this beautiful city even more.

This past weekend I got to experience the view from a different angle if you will. From the Tigresse yacht, paired with amazing company and some champagne. It was also a first for me, going out to see for the first time.

Here are some pics from the afternoon out at sea :0)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cape Town Summer Loving 2014

I am looking so forward to this summer in Cape Town! First of all it will be my first full summer in the mother city and secondly, I am in love with life :0)

Plans for this summer is to really just chill and hang out with those closest to me! The fact that we have the beach and the mountains on our doorstep is a bonus! The sun has started to rise earlier and set later, which is great as we can enjoy the beach after work!

All the events and launches and summer club nights have started, so we really are already getting into the holiday vibe.

This past weekend we did exactly that! Nic and myself headed out on Friday night for the opening of St. Yves here in Cape Town and then headed to Shimmy Beach club, which is a must see if you do plan on visiting Cape Town this summer! What a night!

Then Saturday we decided that instead of facing the scorching sun on the beach we would rather go and chill pool side at The Glen Boutique hotel which is always a pleasure while sipping on cocktails with our mates.

Sundays are always reserved for family, just saying ;0) haha!

Anyhows! Here are a few pics from our weekend!

Have an awesome week! xx

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Perfect Accessory For Your Face This Summer

My perfect summer day over a weekend includes tanning on the beach in my speedo or shorts, with a couple of dips in the ocean followed by cocktails at a summer lounge in Camps Bay and then sundowners at Bungalow in Clifton.

It makes for a perfect day of Instagramming and photo sharing, I mean, who can resist posting a photo while lying on the beach?

But wait, a photo always looks so much better when you look better! Solution? Accessorize your face! Haha! As corny as that sounds!

I was lucky enough to receive a few pairs of Lundun Eyewear sunglasses recently, and boy oh boy do I love them! Most of the brand’s sunglasses are unisex, beautifully designed and all look classy! What is better is that you don’t have to pay a premium price for a premium product!

So my sunglass recommendation for summer is most definitely Lundun Eyewear!

Check them out at these links below: