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Thursday, October 22, 2015

South African Youth Has Been Manipulated Into Supporting A Failed System

Today I am sad to say that I take all back of saying that I am a proud South African! However I am proud of the youth to taking a stand against a failed system! Finally someone is questioning, who are meant to be our leaders! But yet being ignored...

Sadly, we have been lied to, and the youth of South Africa has been manipulated into supporting a country that actually really does not support us!

All the marketing campaigns of government, and the various political parties stating that they have the youth's best interests at heart and are there to nurture, serve and protect the youth of this country have all been lies and it has all become clear in their actions against the youth, who have merely been protesting for the right to education! Ignorance is all they get back!

The time it is and has taken for any one in power to address the students is unacceptable, leaving matters in the hands of the South African Police service who acted out in violence, using stunt grenades and teargas against unarmed students! No students physically attacked anyone or used force against another human being in order to be heard, but yet force has been used against them!